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We have to wait for a few seconds,” Jeff said.

Why? Just get us out of here!” Eileen screamed hysterically.

The seconds ticked by and the pair of zombies moved inexorably closer, stumbling slowly but surely in their direction.

Jeff, let’s go!” Eileen shrieked.

If I try it again and it doesn’t start, it might kill the battery. Be patient, fifteen more seconds,” Jeff replied.

The zombies got closer and closer.

Forty feet.

Then thirty feet.

Soon they were within twenty feet of the parked car.

Okay, let’s try it,” Jeff mumbled. Eileen sat beside him praying quietly. Jeff turned the key and the engine sputtered and sputtered, then finally caught. He gave it some gas and the engine revved. He shifted from park to first and the car started moving. One of the zombies had made it to the side of the car and pounded on the window as the car roared past. The window shattered onto Eileen and she screamed as the glass shards cut her skin in a dozen places. Jeff shifted into second and then third, leaving the horror behind them.

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