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The Implant

Troy Dennison

Cover image T. Dennison

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Troy Dennison

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Have you ever wished that you could learn something in your sleep? Simply go to bed and wake up the next day with the new knowledge right there in your head? It could be anything – a second language, the ability to paint, or something physical and practical like bricklaying. No need to go to college or university. No need to spend years of your life studying, practising or learning. Just – BAM! Overnight you can do something new; instant knowledge on demand.

I know I have.

I bet you have too.

The Implant was the answer to all of that.

Developed by Takami Industries the Implant was a piece of technological genius; a tiny microprocessor loaded with information that could be sub-dermally inserted against the skull. A highly conductive microfilament connected the chip directly to the cerebellum where the data was processed and integrated by the host; literally plugged into the brain. All it required was a small surgical procedure- an incision in the scalp which healed quickly and voila! The Implant would provide the host with a brand new set of unlearned knowledge.

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