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Lunaea Selina

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Lunaea Selina

This story contains graphic sexual materials not suited for audiences under 17.

Any similarity in appearances, personalities, locations, or otherwise are strictly coincidental.

It was dusk when Steve reached the entrance of the dark, almost foreboding forest he had traveled weeks to discover. The trip had been damn near unbearable at points and he’d really rather forget the majority of the people he met along the way, but he hoped the payoff would be grand and well worth the effort. He had heard tales of the mythical creatures living within the forest - the beautiful women of the trees. Ancient, unageing, and possessing libidoes that rivaled those of hormonal teenaged boys. His best friend, Richard, had been the first to tell him the tale of the weekend he spent alone with several of the women, engaged in endless loops of sex.


A chill shot up his spine at the thought of the word, and he took his first cautious step in to the wide body of trees. Almost immediately, he heard girlish giggles flutter through the air with the breeze. He paused, but only briefly, then continued in to the darkness of the forest, flicking his flashlight on to light his way and better explore his surroundings.

The trees were beautiful. The leaves were vibrant and green, some of them with an almost unearthly glow. There was definitely something strange about this place. If there truly were nymphs anywhere on this planet, he figured a forest with Soft-Glow Trees would be the best place to look for them. He could live in a place like this, surrounded by all of this majesty and beauty. It was so untouched.

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