The essential doctrine of the Holy Trinity is held by genuine Christians as one of the central tenants of their faith. Sadly, today many groups have arisen which claim to profess Christ, but deny the Trinity, completing disregarding the biblical passages that support this crucial doctrine. It would take another book to cover all their erroneous views, which is not the purpose of this work. Instead, we have ventured to expound the true biblical view of the deity of Christ and the truth of the Holy Trinity.

It is the purpose of this book to show that both the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly develop the essential Christian teaching of the Holy Trinity consisting of Father, Son (Word), and Spirit. Yet, some biblical passages used by other writers on this subject that this author considers questionable will not be used as evidence. This work is mostly for Christians who would like to examine their belief in the Holy Trinity from a biblical perspective. It is hoped that it will further reinforce the belief of Christians in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as a sound biblical tenant of their faith.

As this book will prove, the vain attempt of critics to dispute the biblical evidence for the divine doctrine of the Holy Trinity is like a mad man swinging wildly at the air or an exasperated boxer trying earnestly to knock out his shadow. For anyone to deny the unity of the Father, the Son (Word) and the Holy Spirit as one God, or their distinction as three separate Persons, is to proclaim through their erroneous belief system that they do not really understand the real God.

It is my earnest prayer that all those who read this book with any doubt concerning this crucial doctrine of the historic Christian faith will come to a real understanding of the truth regarding the Holy Trinity.


The Holy Trinity and Definition of Terms

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