To my husband—whatever the world throws at us, I cannot imagine my life without you.

To Stephanie – I may be a strange kind of friend; but I am your friend nonetheless, like it or not. Your support, encouragement and enthusiasm about my work, our shared passions, and all of the endeavors that we pursue as a team, are of more value to me than you can imagine. I am truly humbled by your friendship.

To Sherry & Kris – my second family.

To the Oregon Regency Society and its amazing leadership, for giving me the excuse to play dress-up and to feel like a girl, and for all the wonderful moments and memories your organizers and members have given me.

To Ien, whose dogged efforts helped shape the product you see here today, and whose gentle counsel helped me polish it into something to be proud of; thank you.

To my sisters, who are always there for inspiration and positive feedback whenever I truly need it. I love you guys.

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