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Hoax and Change

LL Saenz-Garrett

Copyright 2012 LL Saenz-Garrett

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One: May, 2046


the Yellow Stripe

It was a crappy old bus. It shuddered and surged, trying to get to the top of the bridge, but ultimately it failed, as it did 3 days out of five. Jack didn’t know if it had been a crappy old bus before the greenos made the company go electric, but it was sure crappy now. The passengers sat, knees folded, heads scraping the ceiling, on a two foot stack of batteries that didn’t hold a charge long enough to get them home again at the end of the day. There were four video screens in the center ceiling. The driver sat in his glass box at the front, the only place with air conditioning. His face and his stupid floppy green hat showed in a corner of each video. He wore the hat all the greenos were so proud to wear. Hand knitted in some commune out of organic hemp, dyed green in clover juice or some shit like that. The screens were supposed to show inspiring video while the driver educated them, improved them, enlightened them. But really...the same crew, the same bus, the same driver, every day. The screens were mostly always black, the driver not even bothering to talk to them anymore.

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