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To my family~

Thank you for all your support and understanding when I talk to my characters more than to you.

To my four-footed babies~

It doesn't help when you walk across my keyboard but I appreciate your enthusiasm.

To my readers~

I love you all. Sharing my stories with you gives them purpose and meaning. Without you, they'd merely be words on paper. Thank you for your generous support and I hope you'll come along with me on this incredible journey.

Chapter One

Two factions of Immortals fight for the human race, though at odds with each other. One serves Order, the other Chaos. At stake is the Tobar d'anamacha—the Well of Souls—and with it the pairing of soul mates.

Occasionally, humans are forced onto the battlefield. This is one of those stories.


San Diego, April 2011

Deanna smoothed an imaginary wrinkle from her white satin dress with nervous hands as the music swelled in the main room. Three hundred guests waited out there to watch her walk down the aisle and into Nick's arms.

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