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The one with the evil-eye.

Deep in the Amazon there resides a tribe never before encountered by modern man and only rumored to exist by the native Yanomamo. The Zallu! In the heart of the forest they live in harmony with nature, expending their lives in the service of the Mother. Small in stature and meek of temperament, true gathers with no weapons and no need to kill. Yet now the Mother is threatened. The tall ones have come with their mechanical demons that eat trees and scar the land.

The Zallu have nothing to give in her defense; nothing except their lives. The Zallu are the keepers and the protectors! And they hide a great secret. They know of the creature known as a Zahir. A monster that knows only one desire; To kill.

Deep in the jungle a survey crew is lost and it’s up to Lou Anderson and his small team of searchers to find them. But what they discover instead is an unknown tribe that could make them rich, and even though something is not quite right about the Zallu, greed overcomes their fear. It may be a fatal mistake as the Mother calls forth her defenders. Deep in the Amazon, survival is not an option.


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