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The first is Second Life. If you're ignorant as to what that is, it's a three-dimensional virtual community created entirely by its membership. Members assume an identity and take up residence in Second Life, creating a customized avatar or personage to represent themselves. So one time I decided to make my avatar into a jackal based on the Egyptian god Anubis, and being the kind of guy I am, I decided to eventually hulk him out with a capital H. I changed his clothing and visual style so often I must have a folder filled with a dozen outfits before I settled on something ordinary. Just a pair of black jeans, a red Mohawk, and red sunglasses.

Little did I know what I had created.

The second is Starbucks. I learned how to be a barista and was pretty good at it, though I eventually learned to dislike the job when they slowly whittled away the hours. Anyway, it wasn't a bad job, and I sometimes like a good ol' Frappuccino. Though in the end I don't drink coffee, and the job wasn't worth pursuing elsewhere. Seriously, there ain't much of a future in slinging coffee where I'm at.

The third is John "the Gneech" Robey. He's been writing a series of microfiction pieces called Fictionlets: The Extremely Brief Adventures of Bridgid and Greg. Each chapter is definitely brief--maybe less than four-hundred words long! They were also enjoyable to read, which leads me to the final nail on the coffin.

The fourth and final is my imagination. When my jackal got a name, I knew I was doomed. He got the nickname of Venti, which is Grande in Starbucks-speak. It was then that I decided I wanted to try and write a novel with each chapter being no more than three-hundred sixty-five words.

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