By R. R. Fitzbratchet

Copyright © 2012 by R.R. Fitzbratchet

Smashwords Edition


Human history is a repeating cycle of dark and light ages. Every great society, no matter how far its reach, must fall in time. Just as the Greeks and the Romans before us, we face our own decline.

While intelligence builds, ignorance breeds; no matter how far we come, this truth is always inescapable. Not only is a collapse inevitable but, the longer it is postponed, the greater its magnitude when it finally arrives.

The first signs are overextended economies that, in time, falter and crumble. As opportunists take advantage of confusion, crime spirals out of control. Individuals band together for protection. Organized government loses relevance until civilized society collapses under the chaos. A dark age begins.

Today we find ourselves facing an uncomfortable reality. The change is here and it cannot be stopped.

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