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Mycroft Up Against It

The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes Book 2: Mycroft Up Against It

Published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing, Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2006 Sam Bonnamy

Writers Exchange E-Publishing

PO Box 372


Cover Art by: Laura Shinn

ISBN 9781921314414

All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation to anyone bearing the same name or names. Any resemblance to individuals known or unknown to the author are purely coincidental.


July 15th 1891

Well, here I am in Buckinghamshire, pregnant and unmarried. I'm staying in a small cottage in a small village where no-one knows me except as Mrs George Weybridge, supposedly the widow of an Army officer killed in a riding accident in Ireland.

In my last account I mentioned that Mycroft had a surprise coming to him in just over seven months. Foolishly, I imagined that the prospect of fatherhood would spur him into marriage with a woman who loved him intensely, but the surprise was reserved for me. With amazing efficiency, Mycroft arranged for me to go into the country to have the baby. He would pay for everything, despite my protests.

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