Book: English Word Power

Author: Niranjan Jha

Publisher: Cromosys Publication

ISBN: 9781465872159

Price: $5.00

Date: January 2012


Cromosys Publication’s English Word Power book is an optimal quality guide to the beginners as well as advanced learners to increase the knowledge of today’s English. It is an unmatchable unique book of its kind that guarantees your improvement. The perfectly designed study materials, based on my fifteen years of linguistic research, are magnificently powerful to bring you into educational light. Since English is accepted as a global language, the people around the world have been sharpening their knowledge to be good in it. Sometimes, only working knowledge of it doesn’t work, and you feel that there is a lot more to explore. The accurate and profound knowledge of this language, which was considered to be existing only in England and America in past, has influenced zillions of mind today, therefore I conceived the idea of making this book a guideline for those who want to be perfect in English.

The significance of this book is that it is dynamic, systemic and blissful with abundance of pre-existing and new words which are strong, vital and vivaciously meaningful taken from literature, psychology, theology, science, and technology. The reason why this book is so useful is that it has alphabetically listed more than five thousands words with their meanings written in the simplest way which you will not find in any other book. I have seen other word power books in market which the compilers or lexicographers have crammed up with obsolete, difficult and junk words because they think a word power book should have only difficult words in it. It is their biggest mistake. Moreover, they don’t arrange the words in an order so when you want to locate a word a second time, you have to start from the beginning. That is why, taking all the precautions, I have made this book simple and friendly to you.

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