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The compilation of this book took a decade of that time during which I myself got into the language training in the USA and communicated with native English speakers around the world managing a team in several call centers. In addition to that, I learnt French, Spanish, and German, and then studied at least five leading dictionaries and thesauruses such as Oxford, Cambridge and Webster. And after that, I studied all the three Holy Scriptures that includes The Geeta, The Bible, and The Quran. Thereafter, I got intuited to be able to understand linguistic science and compile this Word Power Book. This simple, sober and lovable book is designed with light-hearted and cheerful attempts to help people improve knowledge without falling into grandiloquence and unbearable rigidity of the language. It encourages reading considering this an essential human activity which seems to be deteriorating in the world day-by-day. It has been observed that other big-size importable dictionaries are always kept in cupboard for blue-moon reading, and cockroaches get enough of time to eat the pages. In order to make this book a little entertaining, the meaning of some words (not all) are written in metaphoric, idiomic or slangish sense ignoring any prejudiced, insular, orthodox, hypocrite or inertia-affected views.

One alone, being immaturely suggested, spend ages in reading literature, watching movies and listening to the audio which help them to imitate a little but not gain the word power what in actual sense it is, and their never-ending process of Picasso Adventure collects some scattered information which is unworthy to linguistic approach. And as a result of shallow efforts, the aspirants get lost in wilderness. Whether you want to travel abroad or plunge deep into your research, your word power will build your caliber in writing, speaking and navigating around the world. With the growth of several call centers, there is a need of talented people to express clearly in the field of communication. The telecommunication industry has greatly inspired several people to have a neutral accent so that the communication is more effective. This is a major advantage that will help you get a job.

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