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Meeting With A Mermaid

By Luna Loupe

Copyright 2012 Luna Loupe

Smashwords Edition

There are any number of explanations for the mermaid myth. Horny, hallucinating sailors are a favorite, as are manatees - sometimes even a combination of the two, desperate, isolated men glimpsing these strange creatures in the water and letting their imaginations run wild. There are even more unlikely explanations than these, of course. Aliens, an ancient, separate civilization under the sea, a government conspiracy... All of the typical crackpot favorites.

None of these are right.

The myth of the selkie or seal maiden is closer to the mark. They say that these strange, otherworldly women can shift shape between seal and woman, but only if they can keep their seal skin with them.

This isn't right either, but it's closer to the truth.

Jake didn't know about any of these myths. He'd never been too interested in myths, even though his grandfather was an old and superstitious fisherman. He knew what mermaids were, of course - half fish, half woman, all that - but they'd never caught his interest.

He had no idea what they really were... but he was going to find out.


The beach was beautiful, tropical and pristine. Jake waded in the surf and marveled at how incredibly clear the water was, how white the sand was - it was almost unreal. Not for the first time that week, he thought about how lucky his family had been to win this tropical vacation. He smiled to himself, thinking of how his mother had called him up, excitement bubbling up in her voice.

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