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The Energy of Happiness

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People are as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln.

You are what you think you are. ~Buddha

Life energy—the energy that surges through you and animates your life—radiates from a balanced core. Throughout history different cultures and religions have used different words to describe this energy words such as Qi, matrix, morphic resonance, quantum energy fields, and many other names. To start the process of allowing more happiness into your life you must become consciously aware that this life energy field is directly related to your experience of happiness. The development of this awareness is one of the most powerful steps you can take to change your life.

Think about it for a moment—if you are experiencing life in a negative energy and feel run down all the time, or are hating your self, work, or relationship what is that doing for you and the possibility of happiness? It’s clear that it doesn’t help you to experience more. This rundown experience occurs when you are unbalanced, blocked, distracted, ruminating about the past, or dreading the future. Then, there is simply no way that you can feel balanced, joyful, and happy.

When your life energy is balanced, you experience peace, contentment, and a youthful vibrancy in life. Balancing your life energy must become as much a part of your day as eating and sleeping for you to experience happiness.

Happiness is not found either at the end of some chase or in dealing with the distracting logistical thoughts that surge through us every day. How could it be when you have 50,000 or more thoughts a day? Ask yourself when you “lock onto” a particular thought from any of these 50,000 “what am I getting from focusing on that particular thought.” If you are similar to our clients you have become used to feeling a certain way and so you unconsciously select thoughts that support the way you are used to feeling rather than the way that you want to feel. This knowledge is very important to starting to shift your present experience—take the time to question the “why” of locking onto disempowering thoughts—you may be surprised to find out that one of their effects is to keep you right where you are used to being.

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