Almighty Sara

Copyright, 2012, Carolyn Chambers Clark & Anthony Auriemma


Chapter 1

I'm by my locker at school, daydreaming about the new guy from California when the principal totally destroys my life.

"Sara, what's this?" He glares at me and holds a piece of paper in the air. Mr. DeVisi's a bald guy with glasses and he smells of French fries. He signed a hall pass for me once so he can be okay, but right now, his face is tight and he's all business.

I stare at the paper, but I can't see what it is because he's waving it in the air. "I don't know. What is it?"

"Sara, this was found in your locker. It's grounds for expulsion." He stops waving the sheet of paper and shoves it under my nose.

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