(The Flash Gold Chronicles #3)

By Lindsay Buroker

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Lindsay Buroker


Before you start in on the next story, please allow me to thank chemist, writer, and all-around cool lady Becca Andre for tirelessly beta reading everything I send her (and for interrogating her co-workers for information on how to build steam-age flame-throwers and the like). More thanks go to Shelley Holloway for editing services, and to Glendon Haddix for the cover art. Lastly, thank you, good reader, for trying the Flash Gold Chronicles, leaving reviews online, and telling friends about the series. I wouldn't have continued writing Kali and Cedar's adventures if not for your support.

Part I

In a cave on a hillside above Dawson, whale-oil lamps spat and guttered, creating dancing shadows against the wooden frame of a ship, an airship. Still in the earliest stages of construction, it was perched on a row of wooden braces stretching the length of the earthen chamber.

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