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Copyright 2009 Anthony Dias Souza

Smashwords Edition


The following represents the last in the five-part series "Dialogues in Esse" and based on the Essean premise that "the cosmos is an infinite presence whose perpetual movement gives rise to all material forms". In this context, the term 'Essean' is derived from the Latin word 'esse' which the Society of Esseans International defines as 'that which truly exists'. It is not related to, nor associated with, the ancient Middle Eastern 'Essenai' (Essenes), their religious views, nor their communal lifestyle.

Shelley munched on the remainder of a cookie as he returned from lunch in his cabin. He nodded his greetings to David who, moments earlier, had settled comfortably on a log just off the path linking the separate cabins he and his friend occupied.

"Don't you ever eat lunch?"

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