Young Archie Martin and the Railway Robbers

David Boulter

Copyright 2010 by David Boulter

Smashwords Edition

Young Archie Martin and the Railway Robbers

Chapter One

It was a bright autumn morning when 10 year old Archie Martin looked out of his bedroom window. The leaves were a beautiful array of colours; the yellows, brown and reds shone in the sunlight. It had rained in the night and the leaves seemed to be stuck to the ground. The day before the leaves had been blowing and spiralling around and around the garden, making a noise as they went.

Archie heard the kitchen door open and then he saw Tam the family’s Welsh collie dog. He heard the dog’s paws slipping on the wet, leafy slabs. Tam seemed excited and was dashing around in circles; it was nothing new for the dog to have a mad ten minutes, as Archie’s Dad used to call it. It was then that he saw his Dad walking up the path to the garden shed at the bottom of the garden. Tam thought this was an excuse to play and soon found the small, red, rubber ball which had been hidden under the wet leaves. Making a run towards Mr Martin, Tam could not stop and slid into Archie’s Dads legs.

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