Eulalia Starwind

Smashwords Edition

Copyright: Niklas Aurgrunn 2012

ISBN 978-1-4658-1419-7

Eulalia Starwind

- a fairytale for all

Niklas Aurgrunn

If somebody is fond of a flower, which is the only one in its kind in millions and millions of planets, he only has to look into space in order to feel happy. He’ll say to himself: `My flower is out there somewhere...´” (The Little Prince)

That’s how you ought to start a new life, with a light burning at the top of the mast, the coastline disappearing in the darkness behind, all the world asleep. Travelling at night is better than anything else on Earth.” (Moominpappa)

That summer when I knew Eulalia I probably wasn’t much older than seven or maybe eight years old, but no younger either – I’m pretty sure of that, although it’s a long time ago. I know it because it was one of my very first summer vacations and as always I had gone away with my mothers mother to that little windy island with rocky beaches and airy woods, hidden far off at sea.

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