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The HOA Murders

A Novel of Suspense

By Leon S. Robertson

Copyright 2011 Leon S. Robertson

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

A young lizard wandered through the black mine tailings and rested on a smooth black rock thirty yards from where the shooters stood. It’s cold blooded body needed warmth in the late fall chill. A few seconds later, it was blasted to oblivion by semiautomatic rifle fire. Shards of rock and pieces of lizard splattered the bigger rocks on the hillside. The shooter laughed oddly through clinched teeth and inserted another clip.

Got the little sumbitch,” he mumbled in a Texas drawl

His partner grinned and looked about for more prey. Seeing none, he riddled a large prickly pear pad with bullets.

Shot him in the head, huh?” the first shooter asked followed by a derisive “Ha”. The smell of alcohol metabolites wafted into the high desert air from his mouth and skin. “Want another brew?”

Not waiting for an answer, he hobbled to a cooler under a mesquite tree and removed two cans. He tossed one to the cactus hunter who sat down in his portable lounge chair just outside the shade of the tree.

Goin’ to the board meet next week?” the Texan asked.

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