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Comments and reviews on Stillbird

What a pleasure to read this inventive, intelligent new novel by Sandra Shwayder Sanchez. Stillbird has the resonance of an epic tale and the immediacy of a gripping storyline. Sanchez reveals an acute sense of place and season as well as a rich appreciation for history. Through nuanced characterization and dramatic suspense, Sanchez draws us into a complex and fascinating world. Stillbird shows us that Sandra Shwayder Sanchez is a writer to watch for.

–-Valerie Miner, author of Abundant Light and The Low Road

An epic in less than 200 pages, Sandra Shwayder Sanchez’s lovely Stillbird holds every fiber of the reader’s attention from beginning to end, and, like her character, Mary, dances “with more joy than a body could bear.” 

–Jennifer Heath, author of The Scimitar and The Veil and On The Edge of Dream

Stillbird is a strangely powerful novel whose haunting, almost surreal images; lyrical, dreamlike prose; and complexity will challenge the most sophisticated reader. Divided into three parts, with each focusing on a specific character or characters, the novel encompasses different locations and timelines. Either directly or indirectly, the characters and their fates are darkly connected to one other. In a bizarre way the events in the story seem to spring from the strangulation of a midwife who was suspected of witchcraft in the Isle of Skye in the 1880s, and culminates tragically in Denver in the 1960s.... Sanchez' writing style is exquisite. Her flawless prose flows—sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing—but always memorable. Stillbird is a novel I highly recommend for the serious reader

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