Cruising the Colosseum

By Convenience Mallory Knox

copyright 2012 Convenience Mallory Knox. all rights reserved.

smashwords edition

Travel Journal, June 10th, 2012

Tonight was definitely something I'll never forget.

I went out clubbing with Jane, to the little row of gay bars crammed into the last half-block of a commercial street right up next to the Colosseum in Rome. They're trying to get it to take root as a proper gay neighborhood; I don't know how successful it is normally, but with the Europride in town the street was packed to overflowing with affectionate queers all night, every day of the week.

We'd been there a few times before – somehow all our wanderings in Rome had eventually led us back to this handful of bars, with their little shoebox dance floors and their clientele spilling out to sit on plastic chairs and the hoods of cars in the street out front. The place was always covered in discarded beer bottles and cans by the end of the night.

I bought us beer and we went in to mingle, Jane finding her lesbians – she can always find lesbians, no matter where we go, it's seriously like a superpower of hers – and I drifting through groups of friendly travelers. Not many of the Italians I've met have had the easiest time speaking English, so I'd speak Spanish with a terrible Italian accent and they'd laugh and correct me. But everyone usually seemed to understand the basic gist of it all, despite the language barrier.

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