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Even Carson looked impressed as she gave Nick a quick hug saying "It's good to see you Nick. Introduce me to your friends?"

She smiled at Ami and Carson in turn. Ami wanted to laugh at the transformation in Carson.

He had been utterly sullen when they walked in the door, then once he got a look at Alicia, he had brightened a little. But when Alicia had turned her smile on him, he went to looking like a man in love, or in lust. Sometimes it didn't seem to Ami like there was much difference between the two.

Nick smiled at the look on his friend's face. "Ali, I'd like you to meet my friend Carson and our new friend Ami. She just moved into Carson's building."

"Nice to meet you," Alicia said. She had a soft, silky voice

"You guys want to get something to eat?" Nick said.

Alicia shook her head. "All of that stuff gives me heartburn."

"I can have the kitchen make you a sandwich or something," Nick said.

Alicia smiled. "I can get it. You're so sweet Nick."

"I'll get it," Carson said. Ami could see that he was the one he wished Alicia was calling sweet, no matter whether he really was or not.

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