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This book will be enjoyed by all who love animals or have ever worked on a farm, owned a pet or read James Herriot.

Pizzles in Paradise is well-known Southland vet John Hicks’ collection of anecdotes from more than 30 years of tending to bird, beast and pet-owner. It ranges from the wilds of New Zealand to the Yorkshire dales, from the Scottish highlands to the fjords of Norway. Whether abseiling from a cliff to perform a post-mortem on a horse, or contending with the hysterical owners of prized pets in a city surgery, John’s stories are lively and good-humoured, occasionally poignant and often hilarious. He also tells stories of childhood pranks, the trials of adolescence and courtship, the pains and rewards of emigration, and the sobering experience of dealing with cancer.

...a near-poignant memoir of one vet’s journey through life with all its ups and downs...entertains and informs the reader in a charming, pragmatic and satisfying style...should be made compulsory reading for all New Zealand veterinary students. Howard Andrew. - Vetscript

...Hicks tells a strong, succinct story. Actually he tells scores of them...writes briskly, literately, sonorously. David Hill - New Zealand Herald

...a character-building journey that has been humorously documented...hard to put down and a must read. Shirley Whyte - Southland Times

...a very entertaining book about the highs and lows of veterinary practice...the author loves words and uses them superbly, never ‘dumbing down’ to the reader, though he explains veterinary procedures with a clarity that enables understanding. Elizabeth Winter - Marlborough Express

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