Chapter 1

Major Trust Issues

But, I thought-” Lucus was frozen as he stared at me. Uncertainty softened his strong features as he brushed aside the lock of dark hair that had fallen over his right eye. Why didn’t he just get a haircut? “I assumed you were leaving.”

I can leave if you want me to.” I gave him a small smile as I took a step back and wrapped the black and red silk kimono around me even tighter. I didn’t want to let on that I was nervous or anything. I wanted answers. And maybe some fried Oreos.

No, please come in,” he said, as he swiftly moved aside to make space for me to enter the room. “I’m going to do as you requested and put on a shirt.”

Thanks.” I attempted to gracefully stride into the spacious room, and poured myself some overpriced cognac. A warm breeze wafted through the balcony window. The scent of fragrant jasmine filled my nostrils.

I’m so proud of you,” whispered Erzulie, as she hovered outside the balcony. Apparently, in the span of twenty minutes, she had already changed her outfit and was now dressed in a flowing red dress and matching headscarf. Strands of thick gold necklaces hung from her neck, and her arms were adorned with delicate wooden bracelets.

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