Blueberry Faery and the Dragons

by Fran LaPlaca

Smashwords Edition

copyright 2012

all rights reserved

Chapter One

Blueberry Faery

If you travel to the Land of Faerie, you must be clear-eyed. When you come to a nondescript low green bush (the kind with the berries on it that you're a little leery to eat..) turn in a circle three times while chanting quietly under your breath, "The Faerie Queen I come to see, give me sight so I may see..." When you open your eyes, you may be privileged to see the Castle of the Faery Queen, shimmering with rainbow hues in the distance. Make your way carefully, never taking your eyes off the Castle, for it will be gone should you look away....


Blueberry Faery was more than happy to join the other Meadow Faeries in a game of Hide and Sneak. It was a gorgeous, hot summer morning in the Meadow, and the sun was shining brightly. Only one fat white cloud floated high in the sky, and the scent of wildflowers filled the air.

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