His First Mission

Copyright 2012 by Jason R. Martin

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

Ready!!! Aim!!! Fire!!!

The marines in the funeral detail looked resplendent in their dress uniforms. Many things had changed since the founding of the Marine Corps. The way marines carried themselves with pride and discipline had not.

Ready!!! Aim!!! Fire!!!

It was Sgt. John Gallagher's understanding that many individuals in the command structure of the Fleet Marine Striker Battalion (FMSB) would forgo individual funerals in favor of more expedient group funerals. Given the large number of casualties in the war, it was somehow thought to be more practical. Sgt. Gallagher thought the very idea of such a thing was ridiculous. He thought every marine should be remembered for his individual service, not lumped into a larger group for the sake of convenience.

Ready!!! Aim!!! Fire!!!

How would he be remembered? As a fair and capable leader? Hero? Or something else entirely. It was funny. As much time as Sgt. Gallagher spent dealing death and destruction, he rarely thought of his own mortality. He didn't know why that was; maybe being around death so much had hardened his heart and made him too callous. Maybe he was just in denial. He didn't know.

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