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Red World

By Melissa A. Szydlek

Copyright 2011 Melissa A. Szydlek

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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by Melissa A. Szydlek

Chapter One

He could feel someone watching him but didn’t turn around. He didn’t need to. Instinct whispered that someone was there, slipping into shadows and moving through the darkness toward him. Synise continued to walk, his hands deep in his jacket pocket. The night grew colder as the rain turned to a drizzle and then stopped. His footsteps echoed on the damp pavement but he heard nothing else. Whoever was following him was very careful about making noise. The bastard never let a footstep echo. Synise quickened his pace and fought the urge to run. In the section of sidewalk ahead he saw that some of the streetlights were out, and he moved to those dark spaces. It was in one of these shadowed sections of pavement that he hunkered down and zigzagged past several trees. He thought, “I’ll confuse the bastard a bit at least. He’ll know where I am but not the exact spot.”

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