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What People Are Saying About Conquer CyberOverload

"Great tactical advice for businesses large and small that are coping with the distractions of the digital age." -- Seth W. Hall, Vice President, Customer Service, Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Lots of great hints that help me manage the stress of my overflowing inbox.
-- Joan Gilman, Director of Special Industry Programs, University of Wisconsin School of Business

"A fascinating way to show hyper-distracted people that you can do more if you do less." -- Julie Fagan, M. D., Clinical Services Chief, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.

"It is fantastic! It's just what the doctor ordered for me right now! I love the way you've written everything in a simple, straightforward way that I can easily grasp. Your neuroscience knowledge is impeccable and tremendously helpful in driving home your points." -- Barbara Oakley, Ph.D., Professor , Bio-engineering expert and author of Evil Genes.

This easy-to-read book is full of convincing ways to deal with cyberoverload with sound life-balance principles. -- Ellen Hankes, professional organizer.

Excellent Advice for Living and De-Stressing in the Digital Age -- Charlene Rubush, author of Win Over PTSD

This book will help you and your brain thrive in cyberspace, by giving you practical strategies to help you:

  • Stay connected without being a slave to your gadgets,

  • Creatively use the infinite array of information at your fingertips without being overwhelmed

  • Get more done but have more time to relax, and

  • Reduce the stress that the digital world contributes to your too-busy lifestyle

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