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Chapter 4 - Relationship Rubies

Chapter 5 - Value of the Poor

Chapter 6 - Parachutes or Eagles Wings?

Chapter 7 - Customer Service Is an Art

Chapter 8 - Letters Related to Customer Service

Chapter 9 - Customer Service Summation

Chapter 10 - Technology

Review and Recommendations

About the Author

Tribute to My Mother, Helen Marie

Her first name means “torch,” “shining one.” Her middle name means “star of the sea.” Many are blessed to know the immense joy and comfort that is experienced when provided constant assuring love by our mothers. My mother graduated from this earth when I was a teenager. While here, she was a precious jewel who shone brightly in the lives of her children and others who were fortunate to enjoy her presence. Mama left no doubt that she was a treasure of love. Truly, there were countless moments when I felt the realness of her beautiful soul, the loving and protective embraces from her tender arms, the necessary discipline from her places of wisdom, and her clear messages to folks when they violated her boundaries of what was acceptable relative to engagement with her children. To me, she aced the role of motherhood. Thank you, Mama!

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