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Kindling Hope

The Geoffrey W. Cole Chapbook Series, Volume 4

by Geoffrey W. Cole

Copyright 2011 Geoffrey W. Cole

Smashwords Edition

"Kindling Hope" is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives Non Commercial Licence, which means you can share it with whomever you like provided you attribute the work to me, you don't alter it, and you don't take any cash for it. If you would like to create something based on my fiction, contact me through my website and we can chat.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Kindling Hope

3. Author's Note

4. About the Author

5. Also by Geoffrey W. Cole

Introduction: Alien Witchcraft

Every fall as the leaves wither and the days grow grey in their old age, a satisfying melancholy settles over me that is perfect for writing dark fiction. I am not alone in my autumnal blues. Halloween and All Saints Day are celebrations of all things dark and decaying. As the days grow shorter, horror movies multiply at the the multiplexes. Everywhere we are confronted by the end of one season, the coming of the darkest days of the year when spring's rebirth still seems a lifetime away. I'm certain it's no coincidence that Apex Book Company runs their annual dark fiction contest at that time of year.

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