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In the moment she felt surprised that he would enter her without protection. She gasped at the unfamiliar warmth of his skin touching her most sensitive of places. He sunk the familiar inch into her quickly and stopped. Her hips tried to rock more of him inside her, but he held her down with both hands to keep her still.

You want me,” he whispered in her ear, sliding his lips down to her neck and biting it before she could reply.

Please, yes!” she gasped.

Aren’t you afraid I might cum in you without pulling out first?” He seemed amused for a moment beacause she had to take a few deep breaths before replying.

I-I trust you. This feels so good, I trust you. I’m your woman. Now, please.”

Please what?”

Please what indeed. He felt so big. Too big. Like he’d been hiding half his girth in the condom the whole time, or he’d exchanged his old dick for a newer one a half size bigger. The bastard.

She remembered the first few weeks of their courtship, the romantic dates that had melted into seductions that put her in touch with her submissive side. He’d broken her in each night, just like a new pair of shoes. Broken her stubbornness and stretched her pussy to accommodate his mass. Now when the doors were locked and the windows shut, she was lovingly obedient, attentive, and wet. She’d surprised him one evening by wishing she had a collar to wear around her neck when they were alone. The next day he’d bought one for her and she wore it the same night. That night she had begged him to cut himself loose and stop being so gentle with her tiny pussy.

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