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Copyright 2012 by John Marvin P. Enore

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4660-9658-5A

There were six choices I gave myself when I decided to die.

First was morphine. But I did not know where to get some.

Second was drug overdose. But I did not know which drugs to take.

Third was hanging but I could not find any strong rope.

Fourth was the traditional wrist-slicing. But I did not have the guts to do that

Fifth was bashing my head against the wall. But that may just make me unconscious and give me terrible headache when I wake up.

Last was throwing myself out of the window.

Interesting and attractive. This is the only realistic option I have. Maybe I thought about fantastical ones because I did not really want to die after all. Jumping out of the balcony was the only way viable and true option that I have to die. I wanted to die today no matter what. I needed to die. Or else, the police will just catch me and torture me. They will get me soon because I was so stupid. I was so careless. I did not know what to do. Well, it was not as if I am used to committing a crime. I left tracks everywhere and in no time, they will find me, they will know that it is me who is the killer. Besides I know that they will not send me to prison. They will just kill me right then and there because I was a monster. A sad but devastatingly beautiful monster. I am now just beginning to comprehend what I have done.

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