Pay Back

Lovers and Other Strangers Series Book Two


L.C. Giroux

Copyright 2012 by L.C. Giroux

Smashwords Edition


Her back was to the door but she knew when he walked in. He was growling at her. She whipped around to face him. He was stunning, lean like a jungle cat. Dark curly hair and sapphire blue eyes. His skin was flushed from practice. She could smell his scent like an animal in heat, and it made her mouth water.

"I finally have you alone." The roughness of his voice nipped at her nerves making her jump.

"Wha... What are you going to do?" His smile told her he'd do exactly as he pleased.

"I'm going to do what you've wanted me to all along. I am going to show you what happens to good girls that want to be wild." He crowded against her, pressing his body tight to hers. His erection was tight against her belly. She licked her lips. She wanted him pressed against her, reveled in his warmth. The animal attraction of him made her bite at her lips. Why hadn't he kissed her yet?

"Kiss me." It came out of her like a breath.

"Not yet. If you want me, show me. Undress."

"Here? In the cafeteria?"

"Now!" She started unbuttoning her shirt but she was too slow for him and he pulled the sides apart popping the buttons off. Then both their clothes were off. His mouth was everywhere. His hands were so warm and strong holding her, pinning her to him. Her skin felt like it glowed reflecting back the heat of him. She was mesmerized. She inhaled the spicy male scent of him. She could not stop herself, she licked down the center of his chest. His hand clutched at her hair.

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