How to make money from writing

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Chapter 1. Introduction

The purpose of this book is to give potential authors an insight into the process that goes on when you write a book and then are fortunate enough for the book to be professionally published. I have yet to see any comprehensive information available on this either in book form or on the internet, but I wish that someone had told me what was involved before I went down this road.

Having looked around on websites selling books, such as Amazon, and book stores, I have yet to see this topic covered, although from a potential author’s point of view it is of great interest.

I wrote a technical book that as it happened turned out to be a successful world class book that was published by a major USA publisher.

The publishing process was an education for me and was a steep learning curve. The object of this book is to document how my technical book happened, from the very start of getting the idea to write a book to the finished product being available in a book store, and to pass on to potential authors the lessons learned along the way (and there were many!)

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