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Short Story by Steve Stanton

Smashwords Edition 2012

First published in Rampike, Toronto, Canada, 1990

This classic sci-fi story has been reprinted in twelve countries in ten languages.

Copyright 1990 Steve Stanton

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by Steve Stanton

You never know what's going to sell these days. It's a real problem for professional timestealers like me. You can study cultural profiles, analyze market trends, hire publicity shamans—and still have a sequence on the skids. There are no guarantees and no explanations. You just cannot tell in advance whose time will prove the most valuable.

Not so in the old days. We had all those vicarious pleasures to provide, all those users hungry for new experience. Athletes had marketable time then, skydivers, mountain climbers at the summit. Ever ride a luge down a glistening tunnel of ice? That was one of my good ones back then. Ever run with the bulls at Pamplona? Or wrestle anaconda in the Amazon rain forest? Those were all big sellers in their day.

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