Dani Hayward: P.I.

The Richard Clark Case


Ellie Smith


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Chapter 1

Phillip Blakely swiveled his desk chair around and surveyed the distant Dallas skyline as a satisfied smile curled his lips. In two hours he would be headed out for two glorious weeks in the backwoods of Canada. He thought about the airline ticket that was nestled in his briefcase. It had been seven years without a vacation. But things were different now that he had two partners who would cover for him. When his intercom buzzed the barrister reached for the phone absently. "Yes Debbie?"

"There's a call for you on line one Mr. Blakely," the soft-voiced secretary informed. "A Mr. Ted Campbell."

Phil’s thoughts jetted back more than twenty years. He had met Ted Campbell during his second year at Harvard. They had shared many things in common, only one being their love for the law. By the time they had graduated they were steadfast friends. Over the span of the eighteen years since college that friendship had never wavered. "Thanks Debbie." Phil pushed the flashing button. "Phil Blakely."

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