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The Immortals


Published by Ryl at Smashwords

Copyright © 2012 Ryl

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual Persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental. The material found in this eBook contains sexually explicit situations and is intended for a mature audience only. All persons portrayed in this eBook are 18 years of age or older.

Of all the nightclubs, in the entire world, I had been waiting two days to see if she would walk into mine. I was irritable. It had become difficult to ignore the nagging lust that hung around my person and distorted the shape of my pants. Resisting the urge to feed on all these lovely women was a compliment to my willpower and maturity. But now it was over. She was finally here, I could feel her. And I was eager to keep myself hidden. I urged my party to recuse themselves to a recently vacated booth, and there was a hurried migration of drinks and personal effects.

 The pounding bass of the house music mirrored the heartbeat of half a dozen awestruck men and women. It mirrored mine too, but for entirely different reasons. All they saw was a beautiful woman, confidently striding across the dance floor. I saw a goddess who I planned to ravish.

 Those she passed were momentarily thrown off their step. Ebony skin was carefully wrapped in a skin-tight white strapless dress. Her breasts broke the crowd in front like a ship’s prow slicing through water. The dress framed a posterior that was more than just an ass to every sentient being present; it was a promise of heaven. 

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