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Backdoor Special


There was nothing more that I wanted to do this Friday afternoon than go home, curl up on my couch with my oversized comforter and catch a nap. The work week had been more hectic than usual, clients overbooked at the salon so much so that I’d spent every day staying two or three hours late, braiding hair. I’d been in the shop so much this week that I hadn’t even had time to take advantage of the first month free membership special they had going on at the gym I’d just joined. I’d also been given a coupon for one free session with a personal trainer, and it expired today, otherwise I would have been headed in the other direction, back towards my apartment complex.

At twenty-five, I couldn’t afford to let my body go like some of my friends had already. I had no man, and no man in sight for that matter. Kids were out of the question until I had a ring firmly planted on my finger, and that wasn’t going to happen if I never put myself out there. At 5’11’, 135 pounds I looked pretty fit from the outside, but soft thighs and a jiggly ass was only the beginning of what I was losing from my high school and college track days. I could no longer eat what I wanted when I wanted and still stay toned. Workouts in my living room had lasted all of two days before I’d given up and resorted to snacking before bed again. Joining this gym was one last attempt at keeping my twenty something figure in the shape it was supposed to be in at my age.

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