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Problem-Solving 101: Can You Solve the Problem?

By David Bruce

Dedicated with love to Rosa Jones

Copyright 2011 and written by Bruce D. Bruce


All anecdotes are stated in my own words to avoid plagiarism.

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Chapter 1: Problem-Solving Scenarios and Solutions, Part 1

Problem-Solving: Speed

In the movie Speed, Keanu Reeves’ character is carrying a gun and wants to stop a bus before it attains the speed of 50 mph because he knows that it is carrying a bomb that will arm when the bus reaches 50 mph and will then detonate if the bus goes slower than 50 mph. What can Keanu Reeves’ character do to stop the bus from speeding up and reaching 50 mph?

Problem-Solving: Speed


Keanu Reeves’ character is armed with a gun, so why doesn’t he just shoot the tires of the bus before it reaches 50 mph?


Problem-Solving: The Terminator

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