I did not feel love was a second-hand emotion as the lyrics suggest. I felt love as an ancient primal way of existing as living beings. Mostly we are not aware of such love because of our preferences, desires, and emotions. Everyone one loves everyone but we just don’t know it. We can’t feel it through our pain, distrust, and our ever-vigilant ways of protecting ourselves from one another. And many of us have given up on love because the journey of finding it has failed.

Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken, Tina sings from the very heart she is questioning. We need a heart, if only to say, “My heart is broken.” We need a heart to ask why is my heart broken, what has happened? We need a heart to say, “I am well again. I’m good.”

Once in a meditation class someone asked me, “Why are you only talking about love in a universal way and not about the intimate love between two people, you know, relationship? My answer, “Isn’t it the same? How can you love one person or two without loving everyone and everything? How can you possess love and give it out like a reward to this one, that one and not that one? If we are only choosing certain people to love we are not in the act of love but rather an act of infatuation, preference or favoritism.” She was puzzled because she needed some guidance on being in relationship with her beloved. She wanted some answers to the challenge of love and lovemaking. Perhaps she wanted love to be defined so that she could know it, grab it, or maybe use it to her personal benefit.

I believe the greatest question of all the centuries in which human beings have existed is “What is love?” It is our deepest desire to touch others’ hearts and be touched. We want to feel love. And of course this would be our deepest desire. Once we are born, we are held in the arms of someone at least our entire first year on Earth. Babies who are not held, tend to die according to many researchers. Breastfeeding is not only about being fed as much as it is about the baby being held while adjusting to the world hopefully feeling safe in someone’s arms. So we may go about life looking for that experience again and again, looking for love in that expression. However, what we have forgotten is that the baby arrives filled with love, before even falling asleep in the arms of another. And the guardians of that child, responds (or not) to the love the baby arrives with. It is the parents that are learning about love through the infants and the education can be challenging for the adults. I predict that when the desire for love and visibility arises within our collective hearts and minds there is a rise in birth rates. On the other hand I predict, when there is a gross lack of love the homicide and suicide rates increase.

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