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I do voodoo, you do voodoo,

Shamen in Peru do voodoo,

Dervishes in Timbuktu do voodoo,

Mystics in Katmandu do voodoo –

but not as well as me and you do

– Ian R Thorpe

Chapter One

Drunk And Stinky In Key West

“If the entertainment tastes of the American public are any indication of average I.Q,” Roland slurred at the bartender, “ninety is the new one-twenty.” He was staring at the framed, Life magazine picture of Ernest Hemingway hanging on the wall in Sloppy Joe’s Saloon in Key West. The bartender continued to cut limes and listen, distracted, as Roland babbled. “The whole culture is swirling around the rim,” muttered the bartender.

“Have you seen the New York Times bestsellers’ list?” Roland said. “Romance novels and diet books, I doubt even Papa Hemingway could get published nowadays.”

“Yeah.” The bartender and dumped a handful of limes into the stainless steel fruit tray on the bar. “‘You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.’ I think P.T. Barnum said that.”

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