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Magic by Gaslight


Pip Ballantine

Magic by Gaslight

Published by Imagine That! Studios at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Imagine That! Studios

The heat was building in her body. The witch moaned softly past bared teeth unable to keep sensation at bay any longer. Her fingers spread wide as the feeling built within her core. She did not want to give him the satisfaction of a cry—no man had ever been able to do that to her, least of all a magician. But as the energy licked inside her, claiming all that she was, Deidre could no longer contain herself. Her back arched taunt like a sapling branch and she screamed—unable to care about pride anymore.

The other witches watching from the grey rooftop did not make any move to save their comrade, who danced to at the whims of the electricity below in the courtyard. Snow fell around them, their breaths staining the air, one of them in particular gasped faster than the others.

Their youngest member Lucinda was the only one who flinched away on Deidre’s howl. The machine had their comrade now. The witch was held pinioned in the clasp of metal fingers, while blue and purple electrical barbs tore into her. Under such an assault, Deidre’s scant clothing and hair had caught on fire. The smell of burning flesh reached the rooftop, compelling the young witch to breathe only through her mouth.

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