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A.A.? No Way!

(Alternatives to the status quo programs that fail)

Charles Delaney

Copyright 2012 by Charles Delaney

Smashwords Edition


Alright, I'm sure someone will take exception to my negative view of A.A. and it's clones, such as NA/CA/EA/SA/etc. But let me say I see nothing at all wrong with the idea of it. However the application is one of the most horrid ones I've ever seen. Any contact I've had with A.A.'s have been almost exclusively negative. As a group A.A.'s are closed minded and willfully ignorant because the organization has a classic cult mentality. My first serious contact with the organization was when I went seeking information on addiction. Now, years later, I'm still waiting for them to produce some. They'd rather think holding hands while chanting the Barney Song and grabbing their ankles for Jesus is the cure for their woes. As such I went seeking the information elsewhere. What I found was at odds with the organization's 19th century imaginings, mainly because it was based in 21st century research. When I brought this information back to the organization the reactions of the A.A. members were negative. The information was disregarded and I was censored, screamed at, even threatened verbally and physically. As such I tried to bring this information to folks independently. Unfortunately, being a lone person, I couldn't reach far enough or to enough folks that it might benefit. So I'm trying this e-book in the hopes it'll reach more folks than I could otherwise. What follows is the distillation of my research as well as personal observations. Am I an expert on the topic? Anything but! I'm just an ordinary cuss that cannot sit idly by when there might be the chance to help someone. Especially when the alternative is causing more harm than good. A.A. has a 95% failure rate while other programs, such as Rational Recovery, can have a far higher percentage. Even going it completely alone grants a success rate twice that of A.A. Yes, the group cuts one's chances in half. That's called harming people and I cannot abide with that without trying to offset it if I can!

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