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Freya’s Life

Freya was a woman with an extraordinary power of will; she had persevered through her 47 years of life despite feeling trapped in an uroburos of frustration.

Her husband had “anterograde amnesia” which was, Freya suspected, the most difficult form of amnesia for a wife to deal with. Put simply, her husband did not have the capability of remembering something which had happened only minutes earlier. This meant he needed constant care and recently the painful amount of care had been exceeding Freya’s ability to cope.

She felt tired of merely waiting for the inevitably sad end to his life and almost angry at the lack of help she could provide for him.

Although she had such willpower, Freya did not seem to direct any of it at keeping herself in shape. Her natural look, although still radiating in a certain beauty, had once been indescribably stunning. She had had a divine figure, long, shining, dark brown hair and perfect, astonishingly bright, blue eyes.

Perhaps it was because she no longer cared about appearance or her own health or maybe it was due to the lack of time she had to do anything about it. Whatever the reasons, she no longer wore any kind of make-up and completely refused to dress in anything fashionable. Currently, Freya wore a tight fitting, plain white t-shirt and a pair of dark denim jeans; she had not yet put socks on, so she stood barefoot on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.

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