The Question Is Answered!

We are not alone!

β€œExecute!” A single voice and a single command setting in motion a vast war machine. One word signaling the destruction of a hundred worlds. The death of trillions. An order that was issued two thousand years ago, yet one that would reach across time and impact 21st Century humanity in a most devastating way. A command that will reset the path of destinies, both for an unsuspecting Earth, and a planet much nearer the galactic core. A world called Mith-Sul-Anroth, or, as the humans who come to know it, Myth!

On Myth, Galactic Empire is a distant memory. One relegated to stories handed down shaman by shaman, race by race. A world where the Law of the Land is the Law of the Sword. Where the arrival of humans is hailed as the fulfillment of a prophecy. The coming of the β€œOne”. A being with a destiny prewritten. To lift the denizens back to the plateau of their former greatness.

At least that is the belief of some of the denizens. For others, that same event signaled the loss of their god; thus holy-war. This is the story of events great and small, global and personal. Follow the radiant streams of light from distant and alien suns as they illuminate adventure in the new series, Unknown Country!

Light From A Distant Star

Lt. Commander Macintosh "Mac" Crowe, late of the shuttle Atlantis, is having a grand, though unplanned and unexplained adventure. Shipwrecked an a planet that man never dreamed existed, surrounded by sword wielding two-thumbed alien clansmen who think he's their legendary and long awaited savior, and blood thirsty enemies who want him dead. He's had better days.

Niloc; clansman, thinker and warrior, is in a quandary. How can he protect Mac from the screaming horde of his enemies, teach him the ways of the clans, and convince him he really is the long awaited fulfillment of prophesy? A tall task when all the human wants is to avoid contact with anyone but Niloc.

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