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May 2010

Writing eBooks for the iPad

Choosing an authoring application

Software tools you need

Laying out an eBook

Laying out a book in MS Word

Laying out a book in InDesign CS5

About URLs

Getting your book into the iBookstore Library

Writing eBooks for the iPad

The entire process of writing an eBook, formatting it properly, testing it, and submitting the book to an eBook aggregator is a fairly complicated process. The best way to wade through all the details related to publishing eBooks is to jump in and get started. For the first step, you need to know how to create an eBook and get it into iTunes to upload the book to your iBookstore library and ultimately upload to your iPad. That’s hopefully what is covered here in enough detail to get you going in the right direction.

Choosing an authoring application

There are two applications you can use to write an eBook and export to the ePub format — the only format acceptable for the iBookstore. You can use Microsoft Word (or Open Office Writer or IBM Lotus Symphony) or you can use Adobe InDesign CS5.

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