Star Track—The Death Wave

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1: Starbabe 24

Jim Quirk walked the corridors of Starbabe 24. Jim Quirk, retired starboat captain.

Starbabe 24 was a frontier outpost bordering Clingon territory, and was the newest and most powerful base. It was now Jim’s retirement home. The base had every convenience, recreational and tech-wise—its halofloors were so large that you could almost believe you had your own planet, and that chrome and steel corridors never existed. Still, it wasn’t enough, somehow, for James T. Quirk.

Jim headed towards Ms. Rynd’s apartment. As he walked, he was still turning over schemes in his mind which could circumvent Star Feet’s stuffy regulations, especially the one which had required him to retire from the Captainship of the Enterpride at the relatively young age of 65. Rules were just simple guidelines, thought Jim; what really mattered was real life common sense, not some archaic regulation. Yes, Jim knew the book well and often had to rule from it, but he had often ruled from his heart as well. Never mind that he was as healthy and as potent as ever. Never mind the fact that he was the first human captain to suffer such an indignity; indeed, starboat captains seldom survived to a ripe old age, and so it was that the retirement rule had never really been tested. What really stung was the fact that the rule only applied to humans, and then only to starboat captains. Add to this the fact that it was the second time Jim had been retired! They might even make it stick this time.

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