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Rupenzel and the 3 hobos! 


A Fractured Fairy tale retold by the TSMS's AWSOMEST group. 


Narrator: This tale is defiantly not a normal fairy tale at all. Well, I'll tell you why. Once upon a time in downtown Toronto, there lived 3 very lonely brothers. They had the best brains in town because they worked as hard as they possibly could. Then one very disappointing day with lots of precipitation, there was one odd wolf that was desperate to cause misery. So the wolf came up with an evil plan..... 


Wolf: UGGG I'm just very sick of those super smart brothers that keep showing off their amazing skills. Hmmm, I wonder if, I can get any type of potion to make them super dumb..... HAHA that will surely do the job.  


Narrator: So that's what she did. So the wolf grabbed a dumb potion and mixed it into 3 bowls of ice cream. But there was a huge exception with the potion, the exception was the three smart brothers could be turned back only if they where to get slapped by any beautiful girl. So she then gave the ice cream to the brothers and observed. 


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